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Perro muerto en la calle - Leo Susana

¨Perro muerto en la calle¨ is a tune I wrote in a kind of African guitar style inspired by the songs of Juan Luis Guerra and the guitar playing on them, specially by Diblo Dibala on Juan Luis´s album, Fogarate.
The song is in Dominican Spanish, and when I often play it live, I present it as a song about a guy who got caught being unfaithful. cheating. Hence, the chorus that goes ¨mira pa lo do lao cuando vaya a cruza¨ which means ¨Look both ways before you cross¨. Enjoy.

What´s Life - Leo Susana

¨What´s Life¨is a song I wrote in 1988/89 while in Santo Domingo. It was right after I got back from spending a summer supposedly studying French at the Alliance Francaise in Paris. I actually spent most days there strumming a cheap guitar I had bought with a friend Emil ( who also bought one) learning songs, playing on the steps of Montmartre Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens etc. During this trip was when I got an inkling that I might be able to actually write songs. I had written riffs before and instrumentals, principally for the metal band I was in in NY, Broom Hellda, when I was younger. Now, for the first time, I was combining lyrics and music.
Songs were all over the place, of course, but this tune has always stuck out for me. I´ve played live a lot recently both acoustically and with one of my backing bands, Las Fulanas. I´ve also demoed it a few times.

I´ve decided to submit this tune for an NPR contest which might find me playing a Tiny Desk Concert in their offices. Keep your finge…